Our Top Picks For Groove

Our Top Picks For Groove

Groove Festival is right around the corner and if you’ve never been to the most chilled out festival in Ireland right now then you need to head along.

The festival is based in the grounds of Killruddery House and Gardens, Bray and taking place on July 7th and 8th.

Between music, comedy, food and fun shenanigans there’s an array of craic to be had and more over, you can bring your kids along too for a family fun day out!


Anyhow for the music side of things – we’re bringing you our top picks for the weekend ahead – check these out and hopefully we’ll catch you there!


  • Fun Lovin Criminals
  • Riptide Movement
  • Something Happens
  • Mack Fleetwood
  • Bitch Falcon
  • Jerry Fish


  • After The Ibis
  • Hamsandwich
  • Kila
  • The Stunning
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