Tourists Robbed At Gunpoint By Street Scum Near Attraction

Image: Liveline/RTÉ Radio 1

Yet another stomach churning incidence of the vile mean streets of Dublin after an unsuspecting tourist couple were left traumatised after being robbed at gunpoint in Dublin.

Gardaí are investigating the incident which took place at Longs Place, Dublin 8, near the Guinness Storehouse, around 6pm yesterday by a pair of ne’r do wells.

The video shows the couple having what is believed to be a handgun pointed at them by a hooded yob also bearing a cigarette in their facile indifference to law and order.

The useless pair’s cavalier indifference to their wanton criminality is being blamed on a lack of policing in the area despite it being one of the country’s leading tourist attractions.

A Garda spokesperson said: “Two males armed with what is believed to be a gun, allegedly stole a phone from a pedestrian.

“No injuries were reported. No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.”