Travel Guide Lonely Planet Point Out Obvious Flaws For Tourists Planning To Visit Dublin

Dublin City Centre

Lonely Planet is warning visitors to expect ‘eye watering‘ prices for hotel rooms in Dublin.

It’s advised tourists coming to the city to expect chaos at the airport, and says car rental prices in Ireland are high compared to the European average.

The article warns that “accommodation shortages, soaring car rental costs, and airport chaos” are among the issues the city is struggling with post-pandemic.

Noting that soaring hotel costs are wreaking havoc with holidaymaker’s budgets, the travel bible warns that weekend hotel prices range between €700 and €900 in July.

It also warns that the cheapest price on was €411 for a room in a student-accommodation centre, with the second cheapest an “eye-watering” €428 for two beds in a mixed hostel dormitory.

Car Rental

It said for a 10-day hire at the beginning of August, the cheapest option available with Hertz at Dublin Airport was €1,750 for a five-seater, though average prices were about €3k.

Lonely Planet added: “Dublin is a notoriously expensive city and the cost of living crisis is continuing to fuel price hikes across everyday goods and services.”

And it warned that on weekends it was as easy to win the Lotto as find a table in a city centre restaurant as a walk-in.