Twenty One Pilots Announce Special Virtual Concert


Twenty One Pilots have confirmed that they will play a special online concert in a virtual platform game Roblox. 

On this concert, a press release said that it will “feature a combination of hit songs as well as new material from the band’s 2021 album, Scaled and Icy”. 

Launching on September 18 BST (4pm, September 17 PDT), The Twenty Pilots Concert Experience is a “a pioneering interactive virtual concert powered by the latest Roblox technology”.  It is also designed in a close collaboration with the band.

The show will be available to rewatch in Roblox until 7am on September 20.

People can view this concert by setting up a Roblox account and signing up here.

This show will also include a setlist. This setlist gives players “in each concert the ability to control the order of songs performed through instantaneous voting once the concert begins”.

They also added, “Each song will feature its own meticulously designed set with a high level of fidelity and realism, powered by the latest in Roblox’s lighting, physically based rendering, and motion capture technologies”.

This comes as the band are to embark on their Takeover Tour.

Twenty One Pilots Roblux Show

This show will also give fans the chance to access interactive features, emotes, and bespoke virtual merchandise. Fans can also check out over 30 exclusive custom-designed pieces available for purchase.

A series of Metaverse spanning quests will also be integrated in three Roblox experiences. These include Ultimate Driving: Creatures of Sonaria, Westover Islands and World  // Zero.

“These quests will enable users to earn Twenty One Pilots prizes. They include portals that allow users to be transported into the Twenty One Pilots pre-concert venue from across the Roblox platform in the days leading up to the concert”. 

Players can also access footage behind the scenes. People can find out how the concert was also put together. A Q&A with the band’s Josh and Joseph Dun is also included.

“At its core, Roblox is about shared-experience”, said the Global Head of Music at Roblux.

Jon Vlassopulos also added, “What we’re building with Warner Music Group is an immersive virtual concert experience unlike any other that has appeared on the Roblox platform”.

“With Tyler and Josh of Twenty One Pilots, we’re able to welcome fans into the world of the band”. 

He also said that fans can have “experiences that may be unattainable in the real world but have the feeling of authenticity that their fans will demand”.

Last year, the band also released an 80s themed lyric video for their track Level of Concern. A portion of the proceeds went towards Crew Nation.

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Twenty One Pilots

“Twenty one pilots is a band that has spent their entire career figuring out how to reach the most people possible”, added their creative director. 

“From selling out the small room and moving to the big venue next door, to now launching a virtual experience with Roblox for millions of users, the goal has always been the same”. 

Check out their performance at the Leeds Reading Festival in 2019. Before everything came to a standstill in 2020.