Twitter Has DOUBLED The Character Limit Of Tweets – From 140 to 280


Twitter Has DOUBLED The Character Limit Of Tweets – The move came as a surprise to Twitter users, who haven’t really been asking for the change. But it won’t be open to all users just yet. The change is being rolled out to a small amount of accounts as a test before it is available to all Twitter users.

Twitter CEO has said that the change has come in a bid to let Twitter users express themselves more easily. But it has been met with some hostility by Twitter users, who say that Twitter was better with the 140 character limit and that Twitter users have been calling for other changes.


A lot of Twitter users have used the new 280 character allowance to demonstrate their frustration at the change.


We thought editing tweets would be first on the list of changes to the platform, but hopefully that’s next!

Photo Credit: Hamza Butt