Twitter Irish VP Secures High Court Injunction Preventing Dismissal

Twitter Ireland - Sinead McSweeney

The Twitter job-cuts controversy has again focused in on Ireland.

It follows a high Court challenge where the Dublin-based Global Vice President for Public Policy has secured a temporary injunction.

Sinead McSweeney has prevented the company from terminating her employment.

She claims she’s been locked out of her office and left in ‘no man’s land‘ following ‘mixed messages’ since the company’s take-over by Elon Musk.

The Cork woman has over ten years experience in various with Twitter.

She has been in her current role as VP, Global Public Policy and Philanthropy since November last year.

Prior to that she held the role of VP of Public Policy and Communications for five years.

Peter Leonard is a Barrister who specialises in Employment Law – he says there’s huge interest in the case ”So this is a very courageous move by Ms. McSweeney who’s taken this case. Now she has got an interim injunction, which just parks everything for the moment.

It will have to be litigated, it will have to go to court. She will have to say that she has rights that were not respected and that will park things and then the court will look at that and probably there will be some form of settlement.”