U2’s Unforgettable Hire Steps Down


One of the world’s most famous band managers is stepping down after more than three decades in charge.

Paul McGuinness has seen Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam rise from jamming teenagers to one of the biggest bands in the history of music.

The 62 year old said in statment: “It could be seen as slightly poor etiquette for a manager to consider retiring before his artist has split, quit or died, but U2 have never subscribed to the rock ‘n’ roll code of conduct…I have resolved to take a less hands-on role as the band embarks on the next cycle of their extraordinary career.”

McGuinness is in talks to sells his managment company: Principle Management to Live Nation Entertainment, but he plans to stay on as chairman of Principle Management.

If the sale goes through, it’s thought Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, will take charge of U2.paulmcguinness3