Verminous Rapist Given Further Time For Vile Threats Against Victim & Lawyers


A convicted rapist has been handed a sixteen year prison sentence for threatening to kill the lawyers who prosecuted him in 2013.

Michael Murray, formerly of Seafield Road, Killiney, Co Dublin, harassed others involved in the trial too, including the woman who survived the rape.

During his rape trial in 2013, the prosecution described what Michael Murray did three years beforehand as a “terrifying ordeal of sexual depravity”.

He tricked a woman into following him into a Dublin city apartment where he tied her up, drugged her and repeatedly raped her.

He was found guilty and eventually jailed for 19 years. While serving his sentence, the prosecuting barristers received late night death threats from him.

He also harassed the survivor by advertising her online as a prostitute. He made similar posts about the lead prosecutor and his defence solicitor.

Murray, who was found guilty on all counts, was removed from his sentence hearing after he threw a bible at the judge.

The sixteen year sentence handed down today will only begin after the rape sentence is served.