Video: Billy Corgan’s Intimate Performance Of Solo Song ‘Archer’

Smashing Pumpkins 30th Anniversary Show

Billy Corgan guested on The Late Late Show with James Corden for an intimate performance of his solo song ‘Archer’. Taken from his 2017 LP Ogilala. Corgan played the tune to the accompaniment of two acoustic guitars. The performance comes ahead of The Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour later this year.

The LP saw Corgan perform on his own, playing either piano or guitar. Produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin, Ogilala was Corgan’s second solo record following 2005’s The Future Embrace. Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha also guested on Corgan’s last album playing on the track ‘Processional‘.

Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin have rejoined Corgan to also work on new music. Nova reported last week that Corgan had spoken about the zero possibility of ex bassist D’arcy Wretzky ever returning to the band. Likening that outcome as a ‘shitty reality show.

“The thing that keeps you on the rudder is the music and the fact that somehow when the three of us come together, this magical thing happens that’s bigger than me, and I have no problem admitting to that. And if that’s not your guiding principle, then it’s a shitty reality show. And we don’t want the shitty reality show, we really don’t. We’d rather just stay on the music, and if we can do that, great,” said Corgan.

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