Video: The Breeders And Courtney Barnett Play ‘Nameless Faceless’ Live

Courtney Barnett

The Breeders’ Kim and Kelley Deal joined Courtney Barnett onstage at The Biggest Weekend festival in Belfast over the weekend. A video of the performance as well as Courtney’s beautifully melancholic song for ‘Need A Little Time‘ is available below.

Courtney Barnett was one of the acts at the Biggest Weekend festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During her cracking set, she invited the Breeders’ sisters Kim and Kelley Deal onstage to play a version of the song ‘Nameless, Faceless’. The song is about ‘self important trolls’ spreading negativity as well as the issue of gender in a modern mediated society.

Barnett sings: “I wish someone would hug you,” directed at opinionated, keyboard warriors. She references novelist Margaret Atwood in the chorus: “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” This song pulls no punches.

Faceless, Nameless‘ is a track from Barnett’s new album Tell Me How You Really Feel, which stars Kim Deal on backing vocals. On the Breeders’ new album All Nerve, Barnett reciprocated by providing backing vocals for ‘Howl at the Summit.’ Kim and Barnett are longtime friends.

Courtney continues to tour across Europe this summer, tour dates are available here. As she continues to promote her last record Tell Me How You Really Feel the latest single ‘Need A Little Time‘ sees the indie goddess take a trip to space.

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