Video: Cat Attacks Owner For Singing Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’!


Whenever Harvey’s owner starts singing this domesticated feline can’t stand it. The cat gets so fed up by their owner’s caterwauling that he pounces on him and tries to bite his wrists.

YouTuber, Greg Malick, uploaded a video of himself singing “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie. While Molick croons on, fancying himself as the next Freddie Meowcury, Harvey the cat peers from a corner of the room.

Cat, Video: Cat Attacks Owner For Singing Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’!

Greg is barely through the first verse when Harvey lunges on the bed, straight in for the kill. Letting Greg know that he is not happy with his musical efforts! Despite the attack, Molick, sings on, merely pushing a disgruntled Harvey away.

According to MashableUK, cats even though domesticated can suddenly turn savage but seriously who could blame Harvey, all he wants is a bit of peace and quiet. Cats like to nap and on average can sleep up to 18 hours daily, so get with the programme human! Check out the video below!

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