Video: Don’t Put A Phone In Tom Morrello’s Face Or He’ll Throw It!


Last weekend, while Tom Morello was playing at Chicago’s 101WKQZ’s Piqniq festival, he got angry when a fan took a selfie. Video of the phone-throwing incident is below.


According to Spin, a report from Celebrity Access Encore said the phone incident arose after Morrello asked audience members to join him on stage. When one of the fans attempted to take a selfie with Morello the guitarist grabbed the fan’s phone and flung it back into the audience.

After the incident, Morello, spoke out against the taking of selfie’s and defended his outburst on Twitter, he gave a warning to fans about trying to take selfies in the future:

“When you invite guests to YOUR stage and CLEARLY TELL THEM ‘if you stick a cell phone in my face I WILL THROW IT’ and then their uncontrollable entitled selfie urges overcome their sense of reason they get their f*ckin phones thrown. Simple.”

Morrello said he is happy to pose with his fans offstage and even said it to this fan after he got his phone back. Check out the video!

Morello is just one of the artists fed up with this selfie craze. He joins a line up which includes Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford. He is said to have removed a phone from a fan’s hand by kicking it out. Halford could have been sentenced to prison for the phone incident.

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