Video: Koala Refuses To Leave Air-Conditioned Car!


A man returned to his car in Australia to find a Koala bear cooling off in the back seat. Tom Whitrow, a winemaker from the region left his car door open with the air conditioning running to keep his dog cool while visiting a local winery.

As he was moving from one part of the vineyard to another, he noticed someone else in the car. He quickly returned to find the other occupant was a Koala bear chilling himself in the back seat.

With outside temperatures rising this opportunistic bear had spotted the open door and crawled inside, however, it was tricky to remove him!

As Tom said on Facebook “It took a fair bit of convincing to get the feisty little fella out,” According to MashableUK, Koala bears are not known to be overly interested in human contact and can often get stressed out in our company.

But was this a particularly unique Koala or merely looking for somewhere to cool off? Koala bears have thick fur so not surprisingly can overheat and pass out in extreme temperatures.

But whatever the animal’s motivation was in this case, it was a memorable encounter for one man and a little native Koala bear. Check out the awesome video below!

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