Video: Man Rushes Stage At Beyoncé Concert Gets Tackled By Dancers

Video: Man Rushes Stage at Beyoncé Concert Gets Tackled By Dancers

A man rushed the stage at the end of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “OTRII” concert in Atlanta on Saturday night. It was unclear what the 26-year-old man’s intentions were.

Video footage below shows the man, identified as Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell, charging up to the stage as Beyoncé and Jay-Z were making their exit. Luckily he was intercepted by a number of backing dancers and detained by the venue’s security.

According to TMZ, Maxwell did made brief contact with JAY-Z, but neither JAY-Z nor Beyoncé themselves were injured. Maxwell was cautioned for disorderly conduct, but was not taken to jail.

Meanwhile, officials at Willams-Brice Stadium in South Carolina had to replace its field after a Jay-Z and Beyonce concert last Tuesday damaged it.

About 40,000 fans were in attendance at the show, which took place on top of a hard cover put over the field grass. It took concert staff a week to set up the venue. However, when the cover was taken away after the concert, the grass was dead.

Clark Cox, one of the school’s assistant athletic directors, told the Associated Press that his grounds crew figured it might eventually have to replace the field when Willams-Brice Stadium was announced as a stop on the superstar couple’s On the Run II tour early last year.

”We would not have done this if we believed there was a safety issue,” Cox said. ”My job and our entire ground staff’s job, our No. 1 priority in everything we do is safety and welfare of our student-athletes.”

Concert officials coughed up the figure of roughly $150,000-$200,000 required to replace the 90,000-plus square feet of grass. Luckily, with modern technology, the field replacement process was swift.

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