Video: Eurovision Singer SuRie Reveals Injuries Following Stage Invasion


Susannah Ireland aka SuRie, the United Kingdom’s Eurovision entry for 2018, has opened up on UK  television about how she was left with minor injuries. The interview comes after a stage invader disrupted her performance on Saturday night. During her song on the Lisbon stage, a protester stormed the stage and stole the microphone from her.

The man in question is believed to be a campaigner who goes by the name of Dr A-C and is reported to have shouted, ‘All the Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom’. Despite the assailant being quickly removed from the stage and arrested, SuRie has revealed how the initial tussle left her with bruises. Speaking on This Morning, SuRie confirmed there a ‘couple of bruises, scuffs, you know. But I’m okay’.

“He was suddenly there, security were on him as quick as he was on me. He got the mic for a few seconds that was out of my hands, but the song was still going, the backing vocalists were still singing, the crowd was still chanting. I saw the mic on the floor and I went, ‘Well, that’s mine, I’ll finish, I’ll finish this song.”

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