Wait A Minute.. Was That..? Did I Just Hear???


Saw this and had to share!

The March, 2013 issue of Guitar World magazine has a short interview on page 33 with Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro where he discusses the band’s current setlist and how he likes to insert Rush riffs during certain songs:

Dave Says “… I like to secretly throw in all kinds of stuff during our sets. During [Up the Beach] I’ll throw in a piece of Rush’s ‘2112’. Nobody ever catches it. But you’ll see me and Stephen [Perkins-drummer] look at each other and smile like, “if Perry [Farrell-vocalist] ever knew we were playing Rush in Jane’s Addiction!” [laughs] … Here’s a little-known fact: at the end of [Three Days], I usually break into Rush’s ‘Xanadu’….”