Gang Of Youths Cough In People’s Faces & Scream “I’ve Corona”


A local Dublin resident has issued a warning of a group of youths coughing in people’s faces and shouting “I’ve corona”. 

The Dubliner was out walking around the Newcastle area, when they encountered the gang of 4 boys and 1 girl. This gang then targeted the walker.

One of the youths began coughing loudly in the person’s face, before shouting abuse and screaming “I”ve corona!”.

A warning neighbourhood text alert has been sent around, regarding this concerning behaviour”.

The text read, “One local was out walking in Newcastle Boulevard when they saw a group of 5 youths, 4 boys and 1 girl”.

The text also said, “The person crossed the road to ensure social distancing. One of the youths started to cough loudly and the person turned around and looked at them when abuse was shouted at them followed by shouting that they had coronavirus”.

The text finished saying, “With the big spike in cases lately this is concerning behaviour for anyone to be met with”. 

“Coughing up blood”:

This comes after another man sent a message on social media, urging people to adhere to Covid-19 restrictions, after experiencing extreme symptoms.

He sent a message to the “Covid doubting Thomas”, following his virus nightmare.

The man said he was coughing up blood like I was donating it to the needy”.

He also wrote, “So to the covid doubting Thomas, this was my reality. Extreme case of covid. No smell no taste, headache pains all over. Could not get enough oxygen into my body.

“Coughing up blood like I was donating it to the needy. Temp of 39.8. Wear your mask, wash your hands and stay the f*** at home”.

This all comes after Gardaí recently broke up a party of 100 people in County Cork.

Despite the recent calls by health officials, politicians and frontline staff for people to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines. Incidents like this party, have been prevalent, not helped by anit-mask protests that have occurred. Incidents where Gardaí have been coughed and spat at, have also been a regular occurrence.