WATCH: Amazing Acoustic Fingerstyle GNR Cover


Earlier this month, Indonesian Youtuber Alip_Ba_Ta posted his unbelievable acoustic cover of the classic Guns N’ Roses ballad, “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

In just a few days the video has garnered over a million views and legions of fans, like our own Pat Courtenay. Check it out for yourself above.

It’s the latest in a long series of clips uploaded by the guitarist (who currently has 1.51 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and is a forklift driver by day!) and joins previous ‘fingerstyle’ cover versions of songs including Linkin Park’s Numb, Europe’s The Final Countdown, System Of A Down’s Toxicity and Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life.

Alip_Ba_Ta’s most popular clip, a version of Avenged Sevenfold’s Dear God, has been viewed over eight million times!

Check out some reactions to the GNR clip below