WATCH: An Almost Broken Heart


A not-so-funny comedy of errors occured when a medical helicopter transporting a heart for transplant crashed on the helipad of a Los Angeles hospital.

According to KTLA, which posted dramatic video of the helicopter spinning out of control, firefighters on the scene were able to get the heart out of the mangled chopper. But a medical worker carrying the precious cargo on the helipad tripped, fell and dropped it.

In the video, the man who dropped the heart was checked on by a colleague while another worker in scrubs moved quickly to retrieve the organ.

“The organ is currently being safely transplanted,” read a press release from the hospital regarding the crash, adding that “patient care has not been disrupted.”

While it is unclear what caused the medical helicopter mishap, the hospital said it was working with local police and fire departments to “manage and investigate the incident.”

Three people on board the chopper, the pilot and two medical personnel, escaped without major injuries. Nobody on the ground or in the hospital was injured, the hospital and FAA said.