Watch Bruce Dickinson Take A Surprise Fall During Iron Maiden Show

Watch Bruce Dickinson Take A Surprise Fall During Iron Maiden Show

Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson is known as being one of the more energetic and lively frontmen in metal. But even the hardiest of them slip up at the best of times. During their gig, August 6th in Manchester, Dickinson took a shock tumble but managed to laugh it off afterwards. Watch video footage of the tumble in the players above and below.

During the show the band were blasting a version of “2 Minutes to Midnight,” and Dickinson had positioned himself on top of a riser, rousing the crowd on as he sang the track. When puppet master Eddie decided it was time to see how he’d handle a surprise trip over the monitors!

The singer lost his footing as he was making his way to his spot and performed some fast-paced mid-stage acrobatics with a tumble downwards to the front of the stage. Dickinson managed to catch himself before he nearly tumbled completely off the stage, but did wind himself as he flopped at the end before jumping himself up and springing back into action. He did one of those comedy lookbacks when you see a stranger on the street looking back at the crack in the ground. After the song ended, the energetic frontman said with a smile, “The things you do to suffer for your fu**ing art,” before making a wisecrack about his underwear.

Meanwhile, Iron Maiden’s “Legacy of the Beast” tour is presently making its journey through the UK, with dates still to go in Birmingham and London. For the devout Iron Maiden fan, comes the chance to prove who loves the band the most with Iron Maiden’s Beat the Intro. The band recently released a version of the popular Beat the Intro app which challenges players to identify songs from brief clips of the music, three choices are offered and you select the correct one to score points. You can read more about that here.

Iron Maiden launched the Legacy of the Beast battle game in 2016 and their mascot, Eddie, was transformed into a special character on Angry Birds Evolution last fall.

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