Watch: Coldplay Bring Out Michael J Fox And Honour Michael Eavis At Glastonbury


At their record breaking fifth headline show at Glastonbury this weekend, Coldplay brought Michael J Fox onto the stage to play guitar, and honoured Michael Eavis.

The band who previously headlined the festival in 2002, 2005, 2011 and 2016, honoured both people on the night.

Fox who has been battling Parkinson’s Disease since 1991, is renowned for his role as Marty McFly in the Back To The Future trilogy, was introduced to the stage by Chris Martin and co, playing guitar on two songs ‘Humankind’, and ‘Fix You’.

During this special performance of ‘Fix You’, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin sings ‘Go Johnny Go’, in reference to Fox’s role in the Back To The Future films.

Check it out for yourselves here.

Elsewhere, Chris Martin also paid tribute to Michael Eavis for founding Glastonbury. 

Coldplay And Glastonbury 

Ahead of this headline show, Chris Martin did reveal that Coldplay almost missed their debut slot at the festival in 1999.

The singer revealed that he and bandmates had to run across the fields with their amp in tow.

Despite this, Coldplay made it to the New Bands Trust on Worthy Farm, just seconds ahead of their stage time.

“The hunger to go there was so huge. Our first introduction, I think, was probably carrying a not-very-good amplifier with a drunken tour manager who, you know, obviously didn’t know what he was doing either”, Chris Martin said on the BBC documentary ‘Coldplay: Our Glastonbury’. 

He also added: “So we sort of had a very quick intake of the whole place, and then started where you should start, which is in the New Bands Tent, first on. I don’t think I thought about the wider, how wild it was. It was just like we were here and we’re late and it’s huge”. 

Elsewhere, Martin also revealed that Glastonbury is a “natural home” for Coldplay. More on this report from Nova here.