Watch: Coldplay Premiere New Song ‘All My Love’ In Athens


Last week, Coldplay premiered a new song called ‘All My Love’ for the first time.

The band performed this track on stage at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece last week, leaving the track for last from their live set list on the night.

This performance comes after Coldplay had also shared a teaser clip of a new single, which seemed to be titled: ‘First Time’. 

The clip was shared by the band’s official social media accounts, a video showing frontman Chris Martin standing in front of the Pacific Park amusement part in Santa Monica, California, while the ferris wheel swirls, with flashing lights behind him. This all happens while the public walk on by.

Check it out here.

Coldplay “have a new song”

What was unique about this performance was that All My Love was solely performed by Coldplay’s Chris Martin without his bandmates.

Following this, remaining members returned to the stage with Martin to perform ‘Biutyful’. The singer also addressed the audience, having this to say.

“We have a new song which you weren’t supposed to hear until September but I’m going to play it for you now one time. It would be better if you didn’t put this on the internet. I know that is difficult to ask. But we you can just treat this like a rehearsal between us”, he said.