Watch Dave Grohl Honour Bowie At The Oscars


Dave Grohl paid tribute to David Bowie plus many more at the Oscars last night. Grohl performed during the ‘In Memoriam’ segment which honours those we lost over the past twelve months.

He played The Beatles number ‘Blackbird’ while a backdrop showed those who passed away recently with a connection to the film industry. Among them was of course David Bowie who appeared in a number of movies roles in his lifetime.

Revered actor Alan Rickman was one of those who was honoured during the performance by Dave Grohl, with the likes of Christopher Lee and Mauren O’Hara also being some of those who were remembered during the segment.

Before the performance from Dave Grohl, a message on Foo Fighters’ Twitter page offered support to ANOHNI (formerly known as Antony Hegarty), whose scheduled performance at the event was cut due to “time constraints”. ANOHNI later said that the snub reminded her of “inadequacy as a transperson”.

The Foo Fighters twitter page tweeted out “This one’s for you, my friend” with a video showing a live performance of ‘Hope There’s Someone’ by Anthony and the Johsons.

You can watch the touching tribute by Dave Grohl to those we lost over the year down below.


Photo Credit: slgckgc