WATCH: Declan McKenna Play With Himself x 4


Declan McKenna went on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch yesterday but, because of anti-social distancing he couldn’t perform with his band. No problem – do it all yourself.

So, what we get is one singing Declan and four more Declans playing everything else. Described on its release as “a brave new anthem for doomed youth” and a song “about young people in the modern world and how intimidating it can be.”

“Unfortunately because of social distancing I can’t have my band here with me today so I’ve got these guys in to help,” he said. In the background, four more McKennas were sat around the room, taking on the roles of his backing band.


The track is set to feature on McKenna’s second album, ‘Zeros’. The record was originally scheduled for release on May 15 but has been pushed back until August 21 because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

“These times are exceptional and there is very little space to make this happen the way I want it to within them,” he told fans of the decision.