WATCH: Dozens of Festival-Goers Stranded in Panama


You may be disappointed, to put it mildly, that you’re missing out on music festivals this year but what if you were stuck in a festival because of the pandemic?

This new Vice documentary on YouTube has revealed that there are dozens of people stuck at a festival on a beach in Panama.

The  Tribal Gathering Festival, slated to finish on the 15 of March, has been under quarantine from the 12th as Panama shut down nationally to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Where many of the Indigenous people had either already left by the 12th or subsequently did, the festival’s punters stayed.

According to The Guardian, the festival’s organisers begged officials for the festival to continue after the 12th, but after its official end, punters found themselves unable to get home.

Panama is currently one of the most affected countries in Central America, with at least 6,021 reported cases of coronavirus.

“At first it was like paradise,” one attendee told Vice in their short documentary from onsite, “but when you are locked in, it is not paradise anymore.”

The publication deemed the event “the last festival on Earth.”

There are still around 40 people trapped onsite, in a jungle by a beach.

Not too long ago the festival looked like paradise on Earth. Right now, it’s anything but.