Watch Hansard & Schumer Crash A Dublin Wedding


Last week in Dublin, Glen Handsard & American comedian Amy Schumer of all people crashed a wedding .The lucky couple J.P. Swaine and Eithne McAdam were treated to a rendition of ‘The Auld Traingle’.

At Grogan’s pub in Dublin last Friday night, the reception were surprised when Amy Schumer, director Judd Apatow and Glen Hansard walked in the door. Schumer & Apatow were in town to promote their new movie Trainwreck, with Schumer also speaking at a conference in Dublin with Panti Bliss.

Hansard blasted out a rendition of a song that The Dubliners made famous ‘The Auld Traingle’. Schumer & Apatow were no slouches either and sang along with the rest of the pub.

Of course people were quick to capture the performance on their phones and Schumer later put a photo on her Instagram account of the occasion. You can check out Hansard & Co perform ‘The Auld Triangle’ down below.


Photo Credit: Kmeron