WATCH: Nursing Home Residents Play ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’


Hungry Hungry Hippos is recommended for toddlers ages 2 and up, but it seems you’re never really too old to play.

Staff at Bryn Celyn Care Home in Maesteg, Wales orchestrated a life-size version of the classic game tabletop game and posted a video of it on its Facebook page.

In the children’s game, players use a toy hippo to swallow as many marbles as possible. The nursing home didn’t have toy hippos, so they had to get more creative.

They attached buckets to broomsticks and used that to collect colorful balls on the floor.

To mimic the out-stretching necks of the toy hippos, staff pushed residents in wheelchairs towards the pile of balls.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, nursing homes all over the world have limited access to their residents.

COVID-19 has been particularly deadly to those older than 70 and those with underlying health issues.

The staff said the game resulted in lots of laughter and boosted the morale of the team and residents.