Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers Debut A Cover Of Jimi Hendrix Classic “Purple Haze”! 


Accirding to Alternative Nation, Red Hot Chili Peppers performed their first live concert in a number of months on Saturday night at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles. They played a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s classic “Purple Haze” as well as The Allman Brothers Band’s “Ramblin’ Man.” You can check out the video of “Purple Haze” below.

Bassist Flea, took to Twitter to express his love for the show, “Such a righteous fucking party last night in service of ! Depth of thanks to the artists and musicians and supporters who all made it happen. Hey @lurie_john josh got your beautiful painting. Mo Ostin is the coolest. Thomas Houseago is spinning galaxy.”

Ramblin’ Man (The Allman Brothers Band cover)
Dark Necessities
I Like Dirt
Goodbye Angels
Under the Bridge
By the Way
Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix cover)

There have often been long periods between album releases for Red Hot Chili Peppers fans years. There were four years between By the Way and Stadium Arcadium, then another five-year wait between Stadium Arcadium and I’m With You. And don’t forget to add another five years between I’m With You and The Getaway. Now, thankfully, only two years after the release of The Getaway, Anthony Kiedis revealed to the New York Post a few weeks ago that the Chilis are going back to the studio to begin work on a new album.

Anthony Kiedis admitted he doesn’t like to keep fans waiting either and promised fans there wouldn’t be such a long break this time around. The Chili Peppers will begin work on a new record in about two weeks.

Meanwhile, the singer told The Post that the controversial moustache, which he’s been sporting since the band last recorded, isn’t going anywhere. “If my son asked me to shave it, I would shave it,” says the dad of 10-year-old Everly. “But he loves it.”

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