WATCH: The Stars of “Something in the Water”


Starring Hiftu Quasem, Lauren Lyle, Natalie Mitson, Nicole Rieko Setsuko and Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart, SOMETHING IN THE WATER is an all female shark survival thriller directed by Hayley Easton Street and shot on location in The Dominican Republic.

Written by Cat Clarke (TEN PERCENT, GOOD OMENS) and produced by Julie Baines (TRIANGLE AND FOUR KIDS AND IT), SOMETHING IN THE WATER is about a dream wedding that turns into a nightmare when five girlfriends fight for their lives in open water in a film filled with suspense, survival, horror and biting humour.

Director Hayley Easton Street said, “This is an elevated survival film, unlike anything else I’ve worked on, with incredible strong female leads at the heart of the story. SOMETHING IN THE WATER will be an emotional and visual experience, putting the audience at the centre of the action and using seamless VFX to bring the terror to life. I couldn’t be more excited to helm this movie”.