Watch U2 Play ‘Vertigo’ on TFI Friday


U2 were the first group to perform on the revived TFI Friday which sees Chris Evans back at the helm of the show. The band were interviewed and played three tracks on the night.

During the interview Bono said “it took us about thirty-five years to become the band we wanted to be in, and this tour has been that for us.” The Edge added “we’ve been thrilled with the reviews, as they’ve been pretty universally positive.”

Then there was a segment which featured Chris Evan’s son Noah called ‘Noah’s killer question’. He asked them “How much longer do you think you’ve got?” which the band took fairly well and to which The Edge responded as he saw into the future “In 27 years time we invent immortality.”

The band played three tracks on the live show but they also performed a track for the audience when they went off air. They performed ‘Vertigo’, ‘Song For Someone’, & ‘Raised By Wolves’ before they played ‘Out of Control’ off air for the crowd.

U2 recently announced that they will be releasing their new album Songs of Experience next year. You can check out the video down below of U2 being interviewed as well as performing Vertigo.


Photo Credit: Phil Romans