Weather: Two Days Of Snowfall Forecast In -2 Degrees!


Get your mittens on! The end of the weekend and the start of next week will see snow fall and developing wintry showers according to Met Eireann. It will start mild at first but the mercury is set to plummet by Sunday.

Friday will be largely dry with a good deal of cloud with a few patches of mist or drizzle.

Temperatures of 9C will drop to around 3C in the night time but will stay mostly cloudy overnight with a few patches of light rain or drizzle.

Into the weekend, Met Eireann is predicting snow, sleet and wintry falls for Ireland on Sunday and Tuesday.

Sunday will be a cold, blustery day with sunshine and scattered showers some of which will turn wintry.

These showers will become increasingly wintry with some falls of sleet or snow and temperatures dropping to -1C.

Looking into next week, they said: “It will be a cold and blustery day on Monday with sunny spells and showers, many wintry in nature. The showers will be heaviest and most frequent in the south and west in fresh and gusty southwest winds.