Wedding Marquee Dismantled As Donnelly Set To Announce Jab Plan


We brought you the news yesterday that that an erected marquee on a halting site for a wedding part was dismanted by a court order. It was in breach of Covid-19 regulations. This comes as Health Minister Stephen Donnelly is to confirm the new vaccine plan to Cabinet next week.

The clampdown of this party was backed by public representatives. “The law had to upheld”, they declared.

A court gave permission to council chiefs to hire an independent contracter. They would remove this tent if the couple Michael and Joanna Connors refused to do so themselves.

The Marquee had been erected at a halting site in Burton Park, Leopardstown Road for a wedding reception.

“Had no option”

Following the wedding service, the marquee was subsequently taken down after the council had secured the court order.

“So Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council had no option but to uphold the law”, said Labour Councillor Lettie McCarthy.

Co-Director of Travellers Group Pavee Point Martin Collins also called this wedding after party “inexcusable and indefensible”.

He urged everyone “to put their shoulders to the wheel to fight the virus”.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly plans to bring the new plan for the vaccine to cabinet next week.

“More accurate timing” – Donnelly

Stephen Donnelly said that the government will be able to give an accurate timeline to all age groups on when they can expect to be able to register for the vaccine.

“We’ll be able to give more accurate timing in terms of when each age cohort can expect to start getting their first dose”, he said.

The Wicklow TD also added, “We are waiting on advice from NIAC in terms of relatively short-term important decisions we have to make in the coming days about the use of various vaccines in various cohorts”.

“As soon as we have that advice from NIAC, I’ll discuss it with the CMO with the Department. I will bring a recommendation to Government”. 

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee are due to give new advice on whether the J&J and AstraZeneca jabs are safe for people under the age of 50 to use.

“The Johnson & Johnson is one of the vaccines that the HSE believes would be very useful to use with the pharmacies”.

“Very ambitious statement”

Stephen Donnelly said this morning that everyone who wants to, will be vaccinated by September.

Donnelly said that he “hopes” the government can deliver on this “very ambitious statement”.

Speaking this morning, Donnelly said “It’s certainly a very ambitious statement, I hope it’s one we can deliver on”.

“Certainly at the moment we are on track. If the deliveries continue to arrive. Then we are on track for about four in every five adults who want a vaccine to be offered one”.

“The latest analysis we have is that anyone who wants a vaccine can be fully vaccinated by September, which is a very, very positive development”.