Weekend Weather: It’s A Bit Mad TBH


We’re looking out the window here at the sheer misery in the skies, and wondering what we have done to deserve this weather in April?

Widespread, persistent and heavy rain will take over for the day and tonight will see showers continue for some time, but will eventually clear, however, fog is expected in some places.

Saturday morning will be mainly dry with some sunny spells and the fog that descended will eventually clear. Don’t get too excited though because the madness is set to continue with scattered showers expected.

It’s to get an awful lot colder on Saturday night so wrap up well and sort those hot water bottles!

According to Met Eireann, Sunday is set to be milder with sunny spells, again there’s a but; some heavy and possibly thundery showers will develop in the afternoon and evening!

Did we mention it’s all mad? Enjoy your weekend folks!