Weekend Weather: Have We Ever Prayed For Rain?


Dare we say it? Do we want rain? We’re never happy with what we have, are we? But just think of our green grass turning to straw like!

It’s too glorious out there to be stuck in the office, but then again the office does have air conditioning so we need to count our blessings.

We really don’t want to complain about this gorgeous weather we’re having – but like, we’re extremely unprepared for this!

As with most nights this week, it’s due to be dry and close meaning as little bed covers as possible…

Saturday is going to be bone dry with a slight wind along the east coast while Sunday is expected to be just as fabulous.

Nonetheless, some lucky counties along the south will look forward to quick and painless scattered showers – just bear in mind, temperatures will still be significantly high.

Enjoy the beach, BBQs and drinks with mates.