Weekend Weather: Sunscreen Is On Special Offer!

Weekend Weather: Sunscreen Is On Special Offer

Sunscreen is on special offer across the country and we never thought we’d be extremely happy to see it happen for all the right reasons as the weekend approaches.

It’s hot out there, and we’re loving it. Well, we’re not loving the sitting in an office part, but we’ve been making the most of our evenings and we’re making LOTS of plans for the weekend.

Friday has seen some scattered showers, but for some reason, the showers don’t seem too bad when it’s a result of humidity.

Saturday will see more sunshine and some cloudy periods but we’ll take that to be fair! Not quite as warm as previous days, but temperatures still above normal with max temperatures of 16 to 21 celsius.

Sunday is to remain mainly dry, with some hazy sunshine and cloud. A few scattered showers are likely, with a risk of a few thundery ones. Warm and humid, with temperatures in the low 20s. Naturally, coasts will be a little cooler due to sea breezes.

Enjoy your weekend guys – make the most of the sunshine!