WhatsApp Is Currently Down And People Are Lost


Seriously, what do we actually do when we don’t have our phones? And how did we ever survive without WhatsApp?

People were left feeling a little lost this morning when it was discovered the popular text messaging service went down.

Users around the world have been experiencing issues with the service as they are unable to send messages to their friends.

The app consistently tells users it is ‘connecting’ which leads people to believe their internet coverage is the initial problem.

Twitter users have come up trumps though – sharing their thoughts on the outage, giving tips on how others may cope.

While others have wondered about the possibility of both Twitter and WhatsApp being down at the same time.

WhatsApp have yet to make a statement to reveal how severe the current outage is, and how long users will be without the service.

Photo Credit: Vormingplus Gent-Eeklo