When The Beatles First Said ‘All You Need Is Love’ World


While the world is online (especially lately) and artists are streaming like never before, 53 years ago today (June 25th, 1967) The Beatles performed “All You Need Is Love,”  live via global satellite to around 400 million viewers.

Half a century ago this was a very big deal! The Beatles were representing the U.K. in the Our World TV special, which was the first major televised hookup ever to link up five continents. This was that performance, live from Abbey Road Studios.


“We actually went on air about 40 seconds early,” engineer Geoff Emerick recalled in The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions. “George and I were having a welcome shot of Scotch whisky when we got the word over the intercom. There was a big panic to hide the bottle and the glasses. We were shoving them under the mixing console!”

No one could have known that the tune would become an anthem for the “Summer of Love.” “This is an inspired song, because they wrote it for a worldwide program and they really wanted to give the world a message,” Beatles manager Brian Epstein said at the time, according to The Beatles Anthology. “It could hardly have been a better message.”

Listen below when Dee Woods and Marty Miller met Geoff Emerick