Win Win For Cadbury As Repressed 26,000 Petition Removal of Creme Egg Ad

Creme Egg Golden Goobilee via Youtube

In the UK more than 26,000 people have signed a petition protesting Cadbury’s Creme Egg advert, which features two men kissing.

The person behind the petition claimed that the advert’s “sexualised content” is offensive to Christians, and that by casting two men was a way of evading criticism by hiding “under cover of LGBT rights”.

The petition read as follows….“By choosing to feature a same-sex couple, Cadbury’s are clearly hoping to cause controversy and escape criticism, by claiming that any objections must be rooted in ‘homophobia’, but members of the LGBT community have also expressed their dislike of this campaign.”

Cadbury’s are well aware of the religious significance of Easter. Therefore, they are trying to cause gratuitous offence to members of the Christian community during the most important feast in their calendar.”

Many others praised Cadbury’s advert for its inclusivity and LGBTQ representation when it was first released last month. Despite the petition author’s claim that the protest was rooted in concerns about sexualised content rather than anti-LGBTQ sentiment, many called out those behind the petition for homophobia.

One Twitter user wrote: “Happy Friday – but not to the 20,000 homophobes have signed a petition to get rid of the new creme egg ad. What’s laughable is the fact that people are actually offended by two men sharing a f***ing creme egg. Get a grip”.

Another tweeted: “25,000 people actually signed a petition to have the Cadbury’s creme egg ad cancelled. All I can say is, after seeing an advert that embraces love, I’ve never wanted a creme egg more”.

A counter-petition has been published on urging Cadbury not to remove the petition and to “amplify” it.  I