Woman Accused Of Attacking “Tinder Date” To Wait 2 Years For Trial

Criminal Courts of Justice

A woman, Inita Romanovska accused of trying to kill her “Tinder date” will not stand trial until 2023, due to a backlog of cases that has arisen since the pandemic.

Ms Romanovska is charged with attempted murder. This incident took place at an apartment complex in Henry Street, Limerick on 11 March 2020.

The 34 year old woman did not appear in court as Mr Justice Michael White scheduled her trial for March 6 2023.

She had been remanded on bail last March.

Mr Justice White also said that the trial may be held in Limerick rather than Dublin. It is also expected to take two weeks.

The woman’s Tinder attack

At a previous District Court hearing, it was said that the woman, Ms Romanovska met the alleged victim through the dating app Tinder.

They had been on a number of dates together, but they were not in a relationship.

Case backlog

The pandemic has led to a backlog of cases being created in the Circuit Criminal Court. A number of measures were put in place to curtail the spread of Covid-19, which have put juries on hold.

The Circuit Criminal Court is priortising cases where the accused is remanded in custody.

We also reported earlier this week that a couple from Co Cork used bought PPS Numbers from homeless people to defraud banks of almost €400,000 were jailed.

They created 80 bank accounts, using 60 false identities to take out personal loans from banks and Credit Unions.

When passing sentence Judge O’Donnabhain also said on the man and woman, “It was thought out. It was complex. They are completely culpable”.

Adding, “They are both highly educated well established persons and are both guilty of criminal deviousness”.

In other news, a father of two received a suspended sentence for posession of cannabis and heroin worth around €178,000.

44 year old Stephen Berrigan pleaded guilty to posession of drugs. Dublin Circuit Criminal Court also heard that he agreed to hold the drugs as an “act of desperation” as he needed the money to pay for his father’s funeral.

He also had no previous convictions.