Wonderful Boost(er) As New Jabs Lined Up For All!

Covid-19 - Booster Jab

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee has approved the use of booster vaccines  to everyone over the age of 16.

People will still have to wait five months after their second dose of the initial vaccine course, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people will get them anytime soon.

The current roll-out to over 50s and those with an underlying condition will be finished first.

After that NIAC has confirmed new priority groups, starting with pregnant women and those aged 40-49.

Then people aged 16 to 39 will get their boosters, in descending order of age.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has said no-one approved today has yet reached the recommended gap since their second dose.

I am accepting and authorising these latest recommendations on the basis that a significant amount of planning will be required to operationalise these booster doses.

No-one in these newly approved age cohorts has yet reached the recommended gap since the second dose.

I am also accelerating the booster rollout to those with underlying conditions and those in their 60s.”

Once the roll-out gets to 16 to 39 year olds, people who got Janssen will be eligible regardless of age, given waning immunity.

So while NIAC has approved almost everyone for a booster, it will be well into the new year before most are administered.