World’s Largest Drum Kit


Drummer Terry Bozzio, is currently on tour in North America, playing on the world’s largest drum kit.

The drummer is best known for his thunderous drumming on Frank Zappa’s late-Seventies and early-Eighties work.

Bozzio started smashing pots and pans together as a child, and played a home-made drum kit at age six. After seeing The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, he knew he wanted to be drummer and the thirteen year-old begged his father for drum lessons.

Talking to Rolling Stone, the drummer said, “It’s kind of a neat thing that it’s happened this year in the States because this is the 50th anniversary of my first drum lesson. It’s kind of neat how life and fate all work together.”


In 1975, he recorded and toured with Frank Zappa, playing on Zappa’s most successful records, Zoot Allures, Zappa in New York, Sheik Yerbouti and Thing-Fish.

Now, Bozzio is playing solo dates on ‘the world’s largest tuned drum and percussion set.’

Speaking to The Examiner, Bozzio was asked to describe his drum kit, “Well, it’s something unique and takes a bit to describe. It’s not like I use it to play a bombastic drum solo in the traditional sense at all. My kit has developed and evolved over the last 40 years or so into a beautiful “abstract sculpture” that follows the system of the instruments I use,” Bozzio said.

Watch his epic drumming with Frank Zappa below.