Complaint Form

Complaint Form

Programming Content

Making a Complaint: You Must Complete this form in full:

Under Section 48(1) of the Broadcasting Act 2009, any listener may refer a complaint to Coimisiún na Meán if they are unhappy about programme content on an Irish licensed broadcasting service, both radio and television, under the following categories:

48(1)(a) objectivity & impartiality in news;

48(1)(a) fairness, objectivity & impartiality in current affairs;

48(1)(b) harm & offence (Code of Programme Standards);

48(1)(b) law & order;

48(1)(c) privacy of an individual.

Your complaint must be made no later than 30 days after the date of the broadcast.  Please note that if your complaint relates to two or more related broadcasts, it must be sent within 30 days of the later or latest of these broadcasts.

When submitting a complaint under b) harm & offence, complainants can refer to ‘The Code of Programme Standards’.  This Code details a range of factors that may be taken into account when determining whether programme material is harmful or offensive.  The main headings in the Code are: –

Content Principles Content Rules
 2.1 General Community Standards 

2.2 Due Care

2.2.1  audience information & guidance

2.2.2 identification with characters, actions and personal circumstances

2.3 Protection for Children

2.4 Assessment – programme material shall be assessed in whole and in context  

 3.1 Violent Programme Material

3.2 Sexual conduct

3.3 Coarse & Offensive Language

3.4 Persons and Groups in Society

3.5 Factual Programming – News, Current Affairs and Documentaries

3.6. Children’s Programming

3.7 Drugs, Alcohol and Solvent Abuse

3.8 Imitative Behaviour

A copy of the Code is available on the bai website, or on request from the BAI’s offices.

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48(1)(a) Objectivity & Impartiality in news
48(1)(a) Fairness, Objectivity & Impartiality  in current affairs
48(1)(b) Harm & Offence (Code of Programme Standards)
48(1)(b) Law & Order
48(1)(c) Privacy of an individual

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Is the matter complained of the subject of any proceedings in a court of law in the Republic of Ireland?