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Radio Nova Outside Broadcasts

Create the ultimate excitement for your business, generate footfall, engage your customers and create pizzazz by having Radio Nova broadacst live from your premises. Get the excitement of live radio and outdoor experiental promotions with our team of broadcasters and promotions executives, who will put on event that you won’t forget live in your store, retail outlet or location. Reach tens of thousands of listeners via a single live broadcast.

About Nova Outside Broadcasts

We’re not just about doing things in the studio! We can bring your event to life with our expansive range of outside broadcast solutions. From a small in store event to a large-scale community festival. An Outside Broadcast, or “OB”, refers to any television or radio program which is broadcast from a location away from the normal studio setting. The location doesn’t have to be “outdoors” — the “outside” simply means “outside the studio”.

An Outside Broadcast can make an impact, whether it’s to open a new store, launch a new product, cover a special event or the celebration of a milestone for your business – we can bring Nova to any location. We tailor each OB to the client in collaboration with our production team and aim to highlight your business or brand’s elements that our audience need to hear about.

It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to generate awareness, footfall and sales. Using the full weight of the Radio Nova brand, the value of a Radio Nova ‘OB’ is immense and something you, your staff and customers won’t forget for some time.

Generate excitement, fun, footfall and even some hijinks with an Outside Broadcast from Radio Nova!

Live, Experiential, Broadcasts

Serve up breakast with PJ Gallagher & Jim McCabe, have elevenses with Marty Miller or dish out lunch with Dee Woods – all accompanied by Radio Nova’s promotional street team. We’ll come to your premises, broadcast our trademark seriously addictive music live and deliberately drive footfall, traffic, and, most importantly, sales, to your business.

What does our packages include?

Nova Outside Broadcast packages include a variety of items, aimed at giving you maximum impact.

  1. Recorded promos
  2. Live presenter announcements
  3. On-location broadcasting
  4. Promotional Team
  5. Video and Audio Recording

Contact us today to find out how Radio Nova Outside Broadcasts can work for your business.

Are You Interested?

If you’re interested in promoting your brand with Radio Nova via an Outside Broadcast contact our advertising department on…

(01) 5241100 or [email protected]