Footballer Rashford forces Bumbling Boris into U-Turn on Free School Meals

Marcus Rashford and Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has performed a a humiliating u-turn on free school meals for poor families over the summer in Britain, announcing a new £120m voucher scheme following pressure from footballer Marcus Rashford.

Manchester United’s Rashford has called for the government to extend its free school meal scheme through the summer break.

Labour were due to force a vote on the issue, risking rebellion from Conservative backbenchers, the prime minister’s spokesman announced a new “Covid summer food fund”.

“Owing to the corona pandemic, the PM fully understands that children and parents face an entirely unprecedented situation over the summer” .

The U-turn came after ministers repeatedly rejected the idea of extending the scheme over the summer, as they did over the Easter break.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed Mr Rashford’s “contribution to the debate around poverty”.

Labour said the move was a “welcome U-turn” – while Mr Rashford, 22, said: “THIS is England in 2020.”

The support works out as about £15 a week per recipient, and will cost about £120m.