TD Blasts Luas Staff For Incident At Bluebell Stop


An investigation is underway after a young man was restrained by Luas staff in Dublin.

Video surfaced online showing the altercation which happened at the Bluebell Luas stop on Friday evening.

Luas operator, Transdev, said it is investigating the incident and will not comment further at this time.

Local People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith said what happened is not acceptable. Ms Smith said: “There was no need for that, there are lots of ways to restrain somebody if they needed to be restrained.”

She continued, “But it didn’t appear that he did, so we need an explanation as to what had happened, why they went after him, what was the full explanation of that behaviour.”

“Actually, I don’t think there is anything that excuses it, but at least we need to know is there a serious case here or not.

“I am sure by now thousands of people have seen it and will be very upset by it. It is really disgusting.”