Ana Murder Accused Described As ‘Rabbit Caught In Headlights’


The jurors in the Ana Kriegel trial have heard from the parents of one of the two boys accused of murdering her. Boy A also denies an aggravated sexual assault on the 14-year-old schoolgirl at a derelict farmhouse in Dublin last May.

It is the prosecution’s case that Boy A violently sexually assaulted and murdered Ana Kriegel after his friend, Boy B, allegedly lured her from her home in Leixlip, Co. Kildare on the evening of May 14th last year.

Boy A’s father said his son returned home at around 6pm that day. He said he was “shaking and standing uncomfortably” and he noticed blood on his lip and clothes. His mother said he was limping and was “very, very pale and shaking”. When asked if he appeared to be in shock, she said “absolutely, yes”

He claimed he’d been attacked in a nearby park by two older youths. The court heard he told them he’d been with Boy B, but didn’t mention Ana. A complaint was made and the Garda assigned to check CCTV footage from the park said he didn’t see anyone who matched the descriptions of his alleged attackers.

When a DNA sample was later taken from him, the court heard he told Gardaí that “Ana had put her hand across his shoulder and chest”. She was still being treated as a missing person at the time. Her naked body was found in a derelict farmhouse in Lucan the following day.

Earlier today in court the doctor of a boy accused of murdering Ana Kriegel has told his trial he presented with injuries which he claimed were suffered during an assault. A GP told the jury that he examined the boy in his clinic on May 16th last year, two days after Ana went missing.

He said he told him he was assaulted in a random attack by two young men two days earlier. He told the doctor he’d been grabbed from behind and taken to the ground. He said he’d been kicked and punched and managed to fight one of them off. He said they both then ran away.

The doctor said he had injuries to his chest, knee and wrist that were consistent with blunt force trauma. The ranger at St. Catherine’s Park near Ana’s home in Leixlip said he was in his hut on the evening of May 14th last when a man came to him and complained his son had been jumped down at the woods.

When he approached the boy, who was sitting in a jeep outside, he said he didn’t get much of a response when he asked him what happened. He said he had blood on his face and fingers and looked like a “rabbit caught in headlights”. He also said he noticed his hands were “shaking”.