Biden Campaign Advert Pulled After Venue Owner Receives Threats

Biden vs Trump

A campaign advert for former vice president Joe Biden disappears from the internet. The video was highlighting a struggling music venue in Ann Arbor, Michigan and its owner has now received threats.

The video was highly critical of President Donald Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. It demonstrated the impact the pandemic has had on the live entertainment industry.

The Beastie Boys had licensed a song for inclusion in an ad, with ‘Sabotage’ as the soundtrack to the video. It features Joe Malcoun, co-owner of the Blind Pig who is seen sitting in the empty club. The spot has been unable to host performances of any kind since mid-March.

The Detroit Metro Times reports that Joe Malcoun, the owner of Michigan venue the Blind Pig, received threats after his appearance in the advertisement.

The “Blind Pig,” named after the club, aired Sunday, October 18th, during an NFL game. It featured Joe discussing how difficult it has been for venues, bars and restaurants during this pandemic.

For many, it has been hard to make a decent income with limited revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr Malcoun gave a warning that many won’t survive without federal assistance.

The ad soon drew a backlash from on social media, mainly from Conservatives. Some claim the venue’s struggles were the fault of Michigan’s Democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. State regulations enacted to prohibit large indoor gatherings that would facilitate the spread of Covid-19 have impacted the venue.

Fox News report that others called out the ad because Malcoun turns out to also be a fairly wealthy investor and entrepreneur. You can check out an article about his journey here. Malcoun had received a financial windfall from an inheritance left by his wife’s grandfather, a real estate investor. Using some of that money to buy and revitalise the Blind Pig, while also investing in a few other businesses.

The Statements released:

The Biden campaign gave a statement to the New York Times on Wednesday. They say they always aware of Malcoun’s other ventures and background when the ad was made.

Spokesperson Bill Russo said: “The price for having a voice in our political process cannot be endless harassment. And yet, that is what Joe Malcoun and his family currently face as he was doxed, harassed and threatened after the Trump campaign has sought to smear a community leader who dared to speak out against Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus crisis. It is shameful.”

Trump’s Deputy National Press Secretary, Ken Farnaso, also issued a statement.

In their desperation to pin something else on the President, they fabricated a story in a last ditch effort to lie to voters because nothing else has worked — and they got caught.”