Controversy Over Reappointment of Housing Agency Chair Following Comments


There’s growing pressure on the Housing Minister to reconsider his reappointment of the Chair of the Housing Agency.

Conor Skehan was reinstated in the role despite saying some people may be ‘gaming the system’ to secure a home.

Sinn Féin has tabled an emergency motion for Dublin City Council’s monthly meeting calling for him to be removed.


Chair of the Housing Agency – Conor Skehan – drew a lot of criticism when he gave an interview suggesting some people were ‘gaming the system’ to get housing while he also previously said Ireland’s housing crisis was ‘completely normal’.

Despite these comments – he’s been reappointed to his position until the end of the year.

Sinn Fein Cllr Daithí Doolan ,says it’s unacceptable: “He was attempting to blame the homeless population – which is unacceptable.”

Sinn Féin’s now tabled an emergency motion at Dublin City Council’s monthly meeting calling for Mr Skehan to be removed from the position and Cllr Doolan believes the majority of cllrs will support it:

“I expect to get the support of the majority yes – but also Conor Skehan needs to resign and he needs to apologise.”

It’ll be up to the Housing Minister to decide if he’ll do anything with this motion – if it’s passed.

The department has previously said it’s trying to find a suitable replacement and Mr Skehan has been reappointed for another year until that’s done.

Feature Image: WretchedEarth