Donnelly Says Covid Certs MUST Be Checked To Keep Disease Out Of Hostelries

Fianna Fáil - Stephen Donnelly- Wicklow East-Carlow - Minister for Health

The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly says pubs and restaurants need to step up, and make sure they’re asking for covid certs.

1 in 3 premises are NOT checking that people are vaccinated according to a Department of Health survey.

Use of the certs was supposed to be scrapped this Friday, but has now been extended until February.

Enforcement measures are being discussed at a meeting of the Government’s Regulatory Forum this afternoon.

Minister Stephen Donnelly says hospitality businesses assured the public they would operate safely.

We cannot just rely on the HSE or the HSA. The people running the pubs and restaurants, they need to do the right thing, Two-thirds of them are. One-third of them aren’t and that one-third really needs to step up now and do the right thing as we come into winter.”