Drivers Will Need A Green Card Up North After No-Deal Brexit


The Tánaiste has confirmed people driving into Northern Ireland from the South, after a no deal Brexit, will need a green card. Irish motorists will have to show proof of insurance cards if driving in the UK. Insurance brokers will start issuing the green cards in March.

Mr Coveney said in a statement to the Dáil, “Should there be a hard Brexit the UK including Northern Ireland will no longer be part of the motor insurance directive, which is an EU directive.”

“This will mean a green card will be required to demonstrate to the authorities in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, if you’re driving there, that valid motor insurance is in place for those vehicles.”

“So what the industry is saying and what we’re saying is this is an example of contingency planning in the industry. They will need to be able to show that if they’re stopped in the other jurisdiction, they will need to be able to show they have valid insurance.”

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